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TILL Photonics Polychrome V

TILL Photonics Polychrome V


The Polychrome V is an ultra fast switching monochromator with a fully digital high precision galvanometer driven grating. Whether you do high speed ratio imaging experiments, GFP-imaging with a variety of fluorophores to be distinguished, FRET with the faintest signals to be detected, Photometry with very high time resolution or TIRF with a combination of wide− and evanescent field, the Polychrome V, with its optimized condensers for all major microscopes is your superior companion.

Features and Benefits

  • exceptional stability of the light output
  • DSP driven control for highest precision
  • longer life expectance of bulb and light guide
  • stand alone and more compact − no external control box or power supply needed
  • more versatile − as many wavelengths as you wish
  • UV−Vis enhanced
  • easy optical coupling to standard microscopes − also fits in your existing setup
  • continuously variable bandwidth control (optional)
  • variable intensity control 0 − 100%, in steps of 10% (optional)
Wavelength Range 320nm to 680nm
Lamp Type 150W Xenon high stability lamp
Lamp Lifetime 3000hrs (average)
Output Power > 10mW at 470nm with new lamp
Monochromator Scanner mounted diffraction grating
Half-power Bandwidth 15nm
λ - Switch Speed Up to 400nm/ms
Optical Fiber UV/Vis quartz/quartz fiber, length 2 or 3m
Interface Voltage (-10V to +10V), RS232, trigger in and out
Operating Voltage 105V - 120V, 210V - 230V
Size (cm) 42 x 24 x 21

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