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Olympus VS120 Digital Virtual Slide System

Olympus VS120 Digital Virtual Slide System


The VS120 system from Olympus brings microscopy and imaging closer together. The result is an advanced and extremely versatile 'virtual' slide, which is a high-resolution image of the whole specimen. This can be viewed from the overview image at low magnification up to maximum magnification via seamless zoom. Another addition to this premium-level system is the possibility of acquiring the entire specimen in different focal planes, so that one can focus through the sample virtually at a later time to obtain depth information on the sample. Stored electronically on a central server, samples can be viewed around the world instantly and simultaneously - the future of imaging is here

Features and Benefits

Feature Image

Leading Hybrid Design

  • The VS120 is a microscope-based system. Olympus has combined the optical leadership experience obtained through many decades and an innovative digital engine to create a virtual microscopy system second to none. With hundreds of Olympus scanning systems installed world- wide, the VS120 is the culmination of many years of engineering refinement.

The Whole Picture

  • The careful integration of all the components creates a highly flexible system that enables the user to acquire digital slides quickly and effortlessly.
  • The slides can be scanned at true 20x/0.75 N.A. and 40x/0.95 N.A. with automated tissue detection and multiple regions of interest scanning possible.
    • An option for 60x/1.35 N.A. and 100x/1.40 N.A. oil is available
  • Virtual-Z, a multiple z-planes scanning and virtual focusing feature makes it ideal to use for scanning thick samples where depth of focus is important.

High Capacity and Automatic Throughput

  • The Olympus VS120 system can be fitted with a slide loader, with integrated barcode reader and hands-off scanning. This ability makes it quick and easy to archive slides, producing permanent records.

Friendly Operation

  • With the Olympus VS120 users will be guided through the entire virtual slide acquisition process step-by-step by an intuitive Scan wizard. Full slide scanning can be set up with just 3 mouse clicks.
  • With VS120 it is also possible to review the overview slide-images with the ability to assign various regions of interest to individual magnifications.
  • The advanced software allows experienced users to be in full control of the details of the scanning process. Therefore, different scan settings can be assigned to individual slides, saving significant scanning time, as well as offering the possibility to only scan areas of interest, reducing the data file size.

Global Access

  • VS120 images are stored and transmitted, a researcher can invite the rest of their group to view slides of interest, either individually or as a group, whether they are in the same building or situated around the world.
  • The virtual facility offers controllable access for the user, such that with the correct permissions, they can add and edit files.
  • The Conference mode allows a moderator to set up a conference so that all invited clients can see and discuss what the speaker is showing, plus it also records every aspect of the conference, such as the participants’ names, notes and annotations.
Olympus VS120 Virtual Microscopy System Specifications
  VS120-L100 VS120-S5


Intended Specimen Observable Specimen Glass slide with cover glass
Size of Glass Slide Width: 26mm(52mm in option), Length:76mm, Thickness:0.9mm-1.2mm
Size of Cover Glass Thickness: 0.12mm-0.17mm
Microscope Frame Illuminator Built-in Koehler illumination for transmitted light

Objective Lenses


2X, 10X, 20X, 40X with a motorized revolving nosepiece
Optional 60X or 100X oil objectives
Motorized Stage Motorized XY stage with automatic control
Focusing Motorized automatic control
Digital Camera CCD Camera 2/3” CCD camera, 6.45 μm x 6.45 μm pixel size,
high sensitivety, high resolution, Peltier cooled,
Image Correction Shading correction, Auto white balance
Slide Loading Manual Loading 1 slide 5 slides 1 slide
Slide Loader 100 slides None None
Scan Scan Area W 26mm x H 64 mm (W 52mm x H 64mm as an option)
Resolution Better than 0.33 micron/pixel when using 20X objective
Better than 0.16 micron/pixel when using 40X objective
System Control Computer Compatible with Windows XP Professional English Version
Network Interface 100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet
Memory 4 GB RAM
Hard Disc Drive 500 GB or more
Display High resolution 20.1“ TFT monitor

Image format: vsi, JPEG, TIF
Zooming while scanning
automatic sample detection
Z stack
Extended focus imaging
screen capture
Stepless zooming
Synchronised multi-images display
Automatic stitching
Slide loader control

Network Software with database function and conference up to 5 user accounts
Conference up to 20 user accounts, Conference more than 20 user accounts.

Environment Power AC100-120V/220-240V, 50/60Hz
Weight*1) 110Kg 55Kg 55 Kg
Operating Environment Temperature: 15-28 degree centigrade
Power Consumption Less than 900VA

*1) Including main body, PC and monitor.

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