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Olympus SZX7 Stereomicroscope

Olympus SZX7 Stereomicroscope


Outstanding value, expandability, and a wide zoom range for routine work Ergonomically designed for operator comfort, the SZX7 features 7:1 wide-ratio zoom capability with high-quality Galilean optics for outstanding system expandability. Versatile enough to handle a wide variety of routine tasks, it delivers the cost-effective quality and value that busy research and production environments need.

Features and Benefits

System expandability and a wide 7:1 zoom ratio for routine work versatility

7:1 wide-ratio zoom
Covering a zoom magnification range of 8x-56x with its 1x objective, and offering up to 112x magnification with a 2x objective, the SZX7's macro-to-micro versatility makes it ideal for a wide range of routine observation and inspection tasks.

Galilean optics
High-quality Galilean optics with outstanding system expandability The SZX7's Galilean optical system employs two (right/left) independent and parallel zoom optical paths, ensuring both superior optical performance and high system modularity. With a wide range of objectives, observation tubes, intermediate tubes, illumination sources, and digital camera options to choose from, system configurability is virtually unlimited.

Superior optics for sharp, clear, stereoscopic imaging and working ease
Two dedicated objective lens series are available for the SZX7: the DFPlan series and the SZX-ACH series. The DFPlan series combines high-NA resolving power and working comfort with "distortion-free" optical design for exceptionally flat imaging, and includes a 2x objective lens with an NA of 0.2 for high-resolution imaging at 600LP/mm. For maximum working ease and uncompromising imaging performance, the SZX-ACH series includes a 1x objective that offers a full 90mm of working distance, as well as a high NA of 0.1.

Digital imaging and documentation support
The SZX7 can also be equipped with a trinocular tube and Olympus DP series digital camera for high-resolution imaging and research documentation. DP series cameras offer the high sensitivity needed forare available for a wide range of applications, including high-sensitivity fluorescence imaging, and can be easily controlled using Olympus cellSens software.

Fluorescence imaging support
With the addition of a fluorescence unit, the SZX7 can also be used to observe expressed fluorescence proteins within an organism. The unit's high-performance fluorescence mirror component offers fast startup and high fluorescence detection efficiency for improved image quality.

Ergonomic observation tube design for reduced operator fatigue

Comfort View eyepieces
Olympus ComfortView eyepieces are designed to naturally center the operator's pupils at the optimum point for specimen observation, reducing eyestrain during extended use.

Tilting trinocular tube
A tilting trinocular tube with a 5° - 45° adjustment range significantly reduces the fatigue associated with extended microscope use by allowing operators to maintain their natural posture during observation.

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