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Olympus SZX16 Stereomicroscope

Olympus SZX16 Stereomicroscope


Top-of-the-line stereomicroscope performance for advanced research
The SZX16 represents the ultimate in stereomicroscope performance. Ergonomically designed for maximum operator comfort, it features an exceptionally wide zoom ratio of 16.4:1 for macro-to-micro stereoscopic observation with excellent resolution over the entire magnification range. High-NA objectives ensure outstandingly bright fluorescence imaging, and our SDF series objectives feature multi-wavelength anastigmatic optics to maximize depth of focus.

Features and Benefits

Wide-ranging 16.4:1 zoom ratio for macro-to-micro stereoscopic viewing

Ultra-wide 16.4:1 zoom ratio
The SZX16 boasts an ultra-wide zoom ratio of 16.4:1, enabling 7x-115x magnification with a 1x objective, and up to 230x magnification with a 2x objective. This outstanding zoom range makes the SZX16 ideal for a wide range of research applications, with low-magnification macro views for dissection and specimen manipulation, and ultra-sharp high-magnification views for close observation of microstructures.

High-resolution imaging with outstanding depth of focus
The SZX16 offers the ultimate in stereomicroscopic imaging precision, and when fitted with our SDF (Super Depth of Focus) objectives, can deliver clear, high-contrast images of virtually any specimen. All six of the SDF series objectives incorporate multi-wavelength anastigmatic optics to maximize depth of focus, and the 2x objective has a numerical aperture of 0.3 for ultra high-resolution imaging at 900LP/mm.

Fully apochromatic system for outstanding color accuracy
SZX16's optics - including observation tubes, zoom body, and objectives - are fully apochromatic to minimize chromatic blur over the entire magnification range.

Exceptionally bright fluorescence observation
The SZX16 enables much brighter fluorescence observation than conventional stereomicroscopes. Its SDF objectives have high numerical apertures for improved fluorescence sensitivity, and it can be fitted with a newly designed near-vertical reflected light illuminator that offers significantly improved excitation light efficiency. A variety of high-quality filters are also available for efficient detection of specific fluorescence proteins and dyes.

Digital imaging and documentation support
The SZX16 can also be equipped with a trinocular tube and Olympus DP series digital camera for high-resolution imaging and research documentation. DP series cameras are available for a wide range of applications, including high-sensitivity fluorescence imaging, and can be easily controlled using Olympus cellSens software.

Ergonomic observation tube design for reduced operator fatigue

Optimum convergence angle for reduced eyestrain
Observation tubes are designed not only for superior optical performance, but also for maximum operator comfort, with an optimized convergence angle to enable extended observation with minimal eyestrain.

Tilting trinocular tube for natural posture and reduced fatigue
A tilting trinocular tube with a 5°-45° adjustment range significantly reduces the fatigue associated with extended microscope use by allowing operators to maintain their natural posture during observation.

High working efficiency and operating ease

Ample working room for specimen manipulation and illumination

SDF objective lenses offer high-NA imaging performance without compromising working ease. The 1x magnification SDF objective offers a full 60mm of working distance, and even the 2x objective has a wide access angle that makes it easy to illuminate or adjust specimen samples.

A choice of ergonomically designed base units
A wide range of ergonomically-designed transmitted light illumination bases are available to suit various research needs and working preferences. A high-level transmitted light illumination base (SZX2-ILLB) offers oblique illumination with High and Low contrast settings for fast, easy contrast optimization, and incorporates filters to adjust light volume and color temperature, as well as a cooling fan to prevent overheating of the working area. For maximum working ease, the low-profile slim LED transmitted light illumination base (SZX2-ILLT) features a low stage height of just 41mm for comfortable viewing and easy access to samples.

Easy and precise zoom and focus adjustment
Ergonomically efficient positioning of zoom and focus handles enable easy, "no-look operation. The fine adjustment focusing handle offers extremely high step resolution for easy focusing at high magnification.

Motorized units for higher efficiency and operating ease
Working efficiency and operating ease can also be boosted by adding motorized focus and zoom units that can be precisely controlled using Olympus cellSens imaging software, or via a convenient hand or foot switch.

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