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Olympus FV1200 Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope

Olympus FV1200 Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope


Optimized for Imaging Live Cells and Tissues, FV1200 brings sensitivity and power to your research through a range of innovative technology and sensitivity improvements, allowing you to capture the most critical elements of your biological samples with speed, precision and reliability.

Features and Benefits


Imaging of living tissues demands the highest levels of sensitivity which allows for reduced laser power, phototoxicity and photobleaching, and innovative approaches to measurement of fluorescent indicators. Building on Olympus' renowned optical design capability, the FV1200 offers increased laser selection, cooled high sensitivity detector technology, increased scanhead light throughput and new software features designed for high speed functional measurements, and capitalizes on the advantages of the recently introduced IX83® automated inverted microscope platform. Enhancements in detector and coating technology allow for up to 5 simultaneous fluorescent detection channels with 748nm laser excitation for near-IR applications. In addition, the FV1200 offers truly synchronized laser scanning system called the SIM Scanner. While one laser stimulates, the second laser simultaneously provides high-resolution imaging. This coordination of laser stimulation and imaging makes the FV1200 an ideal choice for FRAP, FLIP and photoactivation.

Features and Benefits

  • Real time Z-drift compensation with new ZDC3
  • Greater frame stability and flexibility
  • Touch panel control for easy switching of observation conditions
  • Capable of both continuous and 1 shot autofocus
  • Focus search through cell safe near-IR laser


  • Standard raster scanning modes are not capable of measuring high speed physiology with high signal-to-noise. Olympus’ innovative Multipoint Mapping Advanced Software (MMASW) provides a solution for the most demanding high speed measurements. Using methods similar to Random Access Scanning and Targeted Path Scanning, users have the freedom to choose their own rapid multipoint measurement or stimulation paths.
  • Each scanned position can be expanded to a larger area.
  • Silver galvanometer mirrors drive the scan, ensuring access to full field of view and multicolor scanning capability with excellent light throughput for both visible and IR lasers.
  • Measure cell network fluctuations at up to 101 cycles per second, with up to 50,000 Hz data output per position. High signal-to-noise integration times to capture the data you need.
  • Use the Mapping feature to quickly identify fluorescence fluctuation positions or areas of high signal and automatically assign positions for high speed measurements.
  • Map cellular responses to simultaneous stimulus with Olympus’ unique SIM scanner for optogenetics or uncaging experiments.
  • Synchronize detection with electrophysiology or other external devices.
  • High speed electrophysiology, calcium measurements, optogenetics and FRAP/FLIP experiments. SIM scanner stimulation synchronized with imaging ensures cell responses during or immediately following stimulation are captured as they happen.
  • The stimulation/imaging positions and laser wavelengths can be set separately with two independent beams.


High-precision VBF
  • The FV1200 uses a Variable Bandpass Filter (VBF) for maximally utilizing the dispersion of the fluorescence emission to capture freely chosen wavelength ranges. VBF can be opened to 100nm and adjusted in 1nm increments for high sensitivity spectral detection
  • Separation of fluorescent cross-talk is achieved using the lambda scanning and unmixing functions.
  • FV1200 allows combination of spectral detection, filter detection with normal and GaAsP detectors for great flexibility
  • Laser power monitoring and advanced laser intensity feedback system for stable excitation and stimulation.
  • Diffusion measurement package (DMP) and FRET analysis software allow you to get the most from your imaging. Simultaneous stimulation capabilities for the most demanding dynamic experiments.
  • Re-use acquisition parameters for reproducible experiments. Measurement of fluorescent intensity during observation using live-plot.
High Sensitivity
  • Exclusive Analog Accumulation Circuit (AAC) for maximal sensitivity.
  • Uniquely coated filters and dichromatic mirrors enhance sensitivity.
  • Highly sensitive photomultiplier selected specifically for the FV1000.
  • Superior optics for maximal light collection.


  • Olympus expands its superior line of live cell imaging optics with 30x, 60x and now 40x silicone oil objectives for optimal refractive index matching and long term time-lapse
  • Super corrected 60x objective for maximal chromatic correction for high resolution colocalization experiments
  • Wide range of UIS2 optics for a broad range of experimental needs

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