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Schott-Fostec Illumination


Schott-Fostec has a wide variety of illumination products.  A common use is for the stereo systems.  Available are ringlights, bifucated arms, flexible illuminators and stiff illumination arms too.  There are also a wide variety of choices to the light souce.  Below we list just a few of the illumination choices available.

Features and Benefits

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Fostec Halogen Light Source

Fostec has a wide variety of available light sources. There are AC and DC versions and 150W EJA, EKE and DDL models to meet your every need. There is a solid state dimmer standard and an iris is available as an option. Iris diaphragm for stepless intensity control 0-100 % while maintaining color temperature Mechanical shutter module for altering light transmittance.

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Fostec Ringlights

A wide variety of ringlights are available. They can fit from 33 to 81mm and mini-ringlights are also available. The working distance can vary from 1.5 in. to 6 in. Even the length of the bundles can vary (standard length is 33 inches). The rugged black anodized aluminum for the ringlight body will stand up to the wear and tear over the years.

Fostec Bundles

The fiber optic bundle sheathing is can be made of chrome-plated metal or flexible PVC. The fibers accept spot focusing lenses, polarizing caps, colored filters, diffusers as well as dichroics. The bundles can be dual, single, quad, light lines and a combination of those systems too. The lengths can be specially made to order. The possibilities are enormous.

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