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Sutter Illumination

Sutter Illumination


Sutter has 175W and 300W light sources available.  With the fiber optic bundle attaching to your microscope the heat can be removed from your samples.  They are available in the UV and non-UV versions.

Features and Benefits

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Lambda DG-4

The Lambda DG-4 offers unprecedented speed and versatility for experiments requiring rapid light wavelength switching of 1.2msec between wavelength. It offers all the advantages of interference filter-based systems, yet eliminates the temporal constraints imposed by filter switching devices. 300W and 175W systems available.

Lambda LS

The Lambda LS is a stand-alone illuminator consisting of a xenon-arc lamp, lamp housing, cold mirror and power supply in a single enclosure. The Lambda LS is designed to be used with a liquid light guide which transmits remarkably flat, intense, illumination to the optical train of the user’s microscope or other instrumentation. 300W and 175W systems available.

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