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Rat Hippocampus Coronal 30-Micrometer Section

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Hunt Optics & Imaging Repairs

We at Hunt Optics & Imaging want to make sure our customer's microscope and imaging systems are maintained and in optimal working order. Which is why for Hunt Optics & Imaging customers we offer our services by delivery to our in house repair facilities. Here we will repair, maintain, and restore your microscope systems.

Contact Information

  • office: (800) 433-1749
  • Email Main Office:
  • Please call or e-mail us for our shipping address.

Steps to shipping your system to the office for repairs

  1. Call to inform your sales representative. *Refer to contact page for inquiries.

  2. Pack your microscope according to your system.
    *Instructions for a preconfigured box.
     (B&B and Hunt Optics & Imaging do not provide these boxes

     and you should contact our office or your sales representative
     for all other questions pertaining to shipping.)

  3. Ship your microscope system

  4. Call the office or your sales representative for confimation and questions.

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