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What we sell

B & B Microscopes / Hunt Optics and Imaging have been an Olympus dealer for over 30 years. We have the experience to help you from your routine microscopy needs through your high end imaging systems. We are constantly looking for new and unique products that will meet our customers’ wide variety of needs.


B & B Microscopes / Hunt Optics and Imaging have a wide range of microscopes. We can meet any of your needs including Olympus basic inverted microscope to a fully motorized Olympus IX81. We also have a full line of upright microscopes including the BX43 and the motorized Olympus BX63.

Clinical Digital Imaging

New Clinical Digital Imaging Systems from Olympus!


Digital images are no longer a luxury but a necessity. We have all you may need from the routine clinical digital cameras to the high end cooled digital cameras.

Imaging Software

Image acquisition and analysis software are used for a wide variety of uses. We have several different packages and would be happy to show them so you can determine what would best meet your needs.

As your needs change our in house Software Engineer can help create programs tailored for your individual experiments.


The wavelengths' needs can vary from the low UV to the far IR. We have all the illumination possibilities available including your laser illumination needs.

Stage-Filter Wheels

Reflected light, transmitted light, large, small, inverted or compound; we have every type of stage you could need. We also have all types of speed and precision filter wheels that a customer may desire. Please look at our wide variety of options.


We have a wide variety of micromanipulators and microinjectors to meet all of your needs. From electro-physiology patch clamping to IVF microinjectors we have a solution for you.


We carry a wide variety of other equipment including boom stands, fluorescence filter cubes and vibration isolation stands. We cannot list every product that we carry, please contact us with questions about other potential products that you may need.

Used Products

We carry a wide variety of used and refurbished equipment. These systems are in limited stock, and come pre-configured. If you see any in our inventory that might suite your research or educational needs, call our office or ask your sales representative for more details

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